Last year I confessed that every year at this time I make a few New Year's Resolutions that I have every intention of keeping. And sometimes I actually do keep them. Sometimes I don't.  
      There are a few Resolutions that I seem to carry forward from year to year.  One is something about my weight.  Others are about getting organized, making more money, playing the piano again (I was pretty good for a 14-year-old) or finally getting to see the Grand Canyon. They're like old friends that I've grown really fond of and don't want to let go of.  

      Well, truth is, I'm still carrying them forward, although I'm very happy to announce that I have started playing the piano again (I need a lot of practice, it came easier when I was 14) and I have booked a trip to the Grand Canyon in March!  Yaaay!

      As for the others, they're the challenges that would make me so proud of myself if I could actually accomplish them!

      Is one of your carry forward Resolutions something like, "This year I'm finally going to become a better public speaker"?  This can be the year it happens!

      Give yourself a New Year's gift.  Let 2017 be the year that you finally get rid of whatever is stopping you from becoming the unique & sexy speaker you've imagined yourself to be.  

      Think how great you'll feel about yourself when you know  that you're admired when you stand up to speak in front of the room.  Think of the confidence you'll have when you know you're in control and your audience appreciates... even envies... your talents and abilities.  You'll feel like ten million bucks when people rush up to tell you how much they enjoyed hearing what you have to say!

      Let 2017 be the year you realize the fulfilment of this vision. January is a great time to begin. Think how satisfying it will be next December when you can cross this hoary old Resolution off your list because you've accomplished it!

2017 is your year! 
Make it count! Start now!