If you're like me, every year at this time you make a few New Year's Resolutions that you have every intention  of keeping. However, also if you're like me, there are a few Resolutions that you've been carrying forward from year to year for so long that they've grown long white beards and wrinkles, but they're still turning up at the top of your list
every year like clockwork.  One is something about your weight.  Others are about getting organized, making more money, changing your lifestyle, learning to play the piano or finally getting to see the Great Wall of China.  They're like old friends that you've grown fond of and expect to see every year at this time. 
          In truth, though, they're not really your friends.  They're the challenges that would make you so proud of yourself if only you could actually accomplish them!

          Have you ever said or thought one of these?  "I really want to get over my fear of public speaking." "I'd be so much more successful if I could promote my business from the stage."  "I wish I could get up to speak in front of large groups without feeling nervous."  "I know that speaking to groups is a vital ability for any leader."  "I really want to do something about being a better speaker!"

          If this one of your carry forward Resolutions, how much longer are you going to hang onto it?  Is it going to remain a wish year after year?  Will you keep looking at yourself in the mirror and frowning because you haven't figured out where to find the courage, confidence or whatever it takes to actually become the compelling, influential speaker you long to be?

          Give yourself a New Year's gift.  Let 2016 be the year that you finally get rid of whatever is stopping you from becoming the unique & sexy speaker you've imagined.
          You'll feel fabulous when you smile at yourself in the mirror because you know how much you're admired when you stand up to speak in front of the room.

          You'll have a surge of confidence when you know you're in control and your audience appreciates... even envies... your talents and abilities.
          You'll feel like your own hero when you throw your shoulders back, take a deep breath, step forward and own the stage.  

          You'll feel like ten million bucks when the audience rushes up to shake your hand and tell you how much they enjoyed your presentation!

          Let 2016 be the year you realize the fulfilment of this vision. January is a great time to begin.  Think how satisfying it will be next December when you can cross this hoary old Resolution off your list because you've accomplished it!

2016 is your year!  
Make it count! Start now!