The Public Speaking Gap

Is it possible that the fear of public speaking is sometimes so great that even when faced with theopportunity to improve their skills at minimum cost and effort, folks are just too plain scared totake that important leap forward and just do it?

It really puzzles me because I wrote my book, SECRETS OF A UNIQUE & SEXY SPEAKER, to make it easier for people to improve their speaking skills. Sort of like a do-it-yourself kit

The book gives 155 Helpful Tips for Writing Your Speech, Facing the Audience & Overcoming Fear. Everyone who sees it says two things, “Great title!” and “Everyone needs that.” (Of course, I agree.) Or they say, “I could really use that.” Or “I have a friend who really needs that.” And when I say, “I’d love to autograph a copy for you,” they suddenly get shy and tongue-tied, wish me luck and change the subject. Sometimes they get so uncomfortable they actually walk away. Is it me? Or is it something else?

Here’s the part I don’t understand. If “everyone” needs it, could “really use it” or knows “someone who needs it,” why don’t they actually want to own it? There seems to be a huge gap between “I could use that” and “I want my own autographed copy.” What is it about public speaking that even folks who acknowledge that they could use some help to do it better are reluctant to take the help when it’s offered and affordable?

Am I being too aggressive? Not aggressive enough? Am I using the wrong language, notgiving enough ‘sizzle’ along with the steak? Misreading their facial and verbal signals or body language and assuming there’s real interest when they’re just being polite? Is it my bad luck to always be running into people who want to browse but not buy? Or is it just too scary to actually do something about becoming a better speaker?

This is a dilemma I’d really like to solve. Please let me know what you think. Many thanks!